Securing the financial future of your family

The top three goals of any family is to:

In order to accomplish these goals, every family needs to make financial choice and at times, they need to make sacrifices. Which is more important: sending the children to school or planning for retirement? Buying a home or saving for the future? Most families focus on the here and now so they make the necessary sacrifices needed to put food on the table and to send the children to school. If they can, they purchase the house. When faced with difficult financial decisions, getting advice and guidance from financial experts can prove to be invaluable.

If you are looking for advice and guidance to make the right financial decisions for your family, we at Family Secure Estate Planning are here to provide you with the information and assistance that you need to make the right financial decisions. We are a financial planning firm that is dedicated to making unbiased and high quality financial advice accessible to every family in the United Kingdom that is in need of it. The financial advice that we offer concerns all aspects of financial planning geared at directly helping you to make the financial decisions that are needed to help you achieve the goals of your life. 

Aspects of Financial Planning

We offer you advice and guidance in the following aspects of financial planning.


Investing in annuities is perfect for securing the financial future of any family. By making a lump-sum payment or a series of payments to an insurance company, you can secure the financial future of your family as the insurer will be making periodic payments to you in the future based on the payments that you make now.

Equity Release

Equity Release plans apply to the older families, mostly to retired husbands and wives who own a property and would like to release capital from that property. They can secure montages against their property and repayments will only be made once they have died or moved into long term care through the selling of their property.


A pension plan is an investment plan for the future. It is making regular contributions towards a pool of funds now which will come back to you in the form of periodic payments at some time in the future, normally after you have retired.


As mentioned earlier, one of the most important goals of families is buying a house. Most families do not have the money upfront to buy the house and need to obtain mortgages in order to do so.

How can  we help? 

So how do you know which financial planning to invest in? How do you know which one is right for you? This is where we come in. Our financial advisers will conduct one-on-one sessions with you to obtain as much information as they can on your personal needs and requirements so that they can give you the best advice and guidance to help you make the financial decision that is just right for you.



We have helped many families secure their future financially! Read what they have said about our services!

My wife and I did not have much experience and knowledge on equity release but we knew that we needed money in our retirement and we knew that we could get it from equity release so we contacted this company and got all the information we needed.

By Jonathon P. Mollica

The financial planning advice and information offered by this company is very helpful. They make it so easy for you to understand the pros and cons of concepts such as equity release and annuities. They have helped me to plan better for the financial future of my family.

By Patsy K. Pate

I did not understand how important it was to plan for my retirement until I got into contact with one of the customer service representative of this company who explained to me how I can benefit from retirement planning such as investing in a pension plan. I am now actively planning for my retirement.

By Brian H. Vang

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